Variety – the Children’s Charity

President Darren Nicholls on supporting Variety – the Children’s Charity:

“Uniserve is a business all about connecting people, places and things … a business that has proudly been supporting BC for over 28 years with telecommunications, media and technology. We are really thrilled to be supporting Variety at this Gala event when we’ll also be launching our year-long fundraising project “Share the Love” engaging with over 13,000 residential and business customers and our own employees across the country.”


Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety – the Children’s Charity steps in where health care ends, providing direct help to children with special needs in BC. For over 50 years, Variety has ensured that children have the support to reach their potential and thrive.

Since 2010, Variety has distributed more than $30 million in funding to families and organizations in communities all across the province.


The 5 Pillars of Variety

From walkers to wheelchairs, and adapted bicycles to fully adapted vans and coaches, grants for mobility equipment help kids to stand, to walk, and to play. The results can be life-changing for a child, who may for the first time have the opportunity to play sports, participate on school trips, or even just experience the sense of independence that so many of us take for granted.
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Hearing aids, feeding supplies, and equipment for home support are necessities for the development of the kids who need them, and they can be very expensive, especially for families on modest incomes.
Mental Wellness
An increasingly important funding area for Variety BC is mental health and wellness. Through individual therapies and counselling, we can help children grow up happy and healthy.
Education Support for Learning Disabilities
We want kids to be able to learn in ways that work for them, so that they may read, communicate, and explore all the opportunities available to them.
Specialized Therapy
Therapies including speech & language, occupational, physiotherapy, and even music therapy can allow kids to communicate, connect, and engage – basic human needs, yet so hard to properly appreciate until you or a loved one can’t do it.


Variety as an organization was founded on the idea that we can do more good as a team.

In 1927, the original Variety Club was formed by 11 businessmen involved in the entertainment industry. This group discovered an abandoned infant in one of their theatres and banded together to raise her as a team. This alliance developed into an organization that puts children first and, today, now boasts 43 chapters in 11 countries.

Here in British Columbia, our chapter was established in 1966 with the focus on children who have special needs throughout the province. Continually inspired by our teamwork roots, we’ve partnered with donors and businesses to raise millions of dollars to help children and families across the province.

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Uniserve Communications is partnering with two important local BC charities, Variety – the Children’s Charity and SOS Children’s Village BC, to launch a year-long campaign called “Share the Love”.
As part of Uniserve’s ongoing efforts to support the local community that has been so supportive of us, we are asking our customers to help give back. By donating $1 on your invoice every month until April 2019, this small sum will go a long way to provide children and youth the necessary tools and education they need to succeed.
Please fill out the form and click ‘submit’ or call 604-395-3900. You will receive an email requesting you to confirm that a $1 donation will be added to your invoice every month until April 2019.
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A donation receipt will not be issued by Uniserve Communications Corporation. If you wish to make another donation in addition to the monthly $1, please visit and


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