Data Centre Infrastructure

Canada is currently in an ideal location for companies to house their server infrastructure, cloud systems and hyper-growth cloud infrastructure. It is located in what is known as the Asia Pacific Gateway, situated between the USA, Asia, and Europe.

In Canada, there is, fortunately, plenty of physical space, power sources, and our data privacy regulations are in keeping with the best practices of most nations.

Navigating this market, and understanding where the capacity exists, from a physical, power and connectivity point of view, can be challenging to international organizations. So Uniserve has recently started offering consulting services in this market.

Whether you are looking for colocation space to lease, buy, or build, Uniserve’s Data Centre service team can assist you with the process. Everything from assessing the best locations, determining the most competitive prices, or finding the best form of power and connectivity available.

Additionally, we provide Managed Services to assist with the ongoing operation of your equipment and growth as you expand in this market.

Is your Business keeping up with the changes?

Many companies are currently undergoing digital transformations, as a variety of changes are happening in the IT space, from Smart Technology to Artifical Intel. The traditional IT systems that companies may have relied on for years and have been happily using, are going through big changes and are rapidly becoming outdated.

New technologies have to be learned, maintained and often cloudified. Staff often just don’t have the know-how. They might use a non-IT approved application to take advantage of a new technology tool, without first looking at their business roadmap. The unintended consequences can be severe.

While it may feel challenging to navigate through all these moving parts, our team of experts can step in and provide the guidance to align all these parts and create and execute a plan with clarity and confidence.

Our clients engage with us on a variety of projects:

  • Infrastructure design and setup
  • Business continuity planning
  • Adding locations
  • Acquiring businesses
  • Integrating businesses
  • Bespoke IT projects

Our expert team of IT and business professionals are trained to navigate business problems and challenges and to create plans that will take your business from where it is now, to where it needs to go. We focus on how technology will support your plans.

Whether you are working towards a short-term project or a more multi-faceted plan that comes in several stages, we can work with you. We will provide the guidance all Uniserve clients have learned to expect. We can ensure the experience of using our certified team will benefit your business.

At Uniserve, we work with businesses at a single address or multi-locations across the country. We cover verticals from Manufacturing, Retail, the Service Industry, Energy, and much more.

“Let us know where your business is challenged or going and just allow us to help get you there. We will.”
–Sarah Morton, Director of Managed Services and Data Centre

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