Fully Managed IT Solutions

Take the risk, worry, and time out of managing you own IT.

One of the major challenges faced by businesses and organizations today is trying to decide how to best allocate their budgets towards IT and Technology. Do you hire a full-time IT person, or perhaps even a whole department of IT people? How far will your budget stretch to ensure you have all the right IT skillsets necessary for your business needs – system administration, network administration, general IT & technical support, software application specialty support, development, etc.

On top of this, you then need to internally worry about outages, cyber-attacks, hardware failures, hardware degradation and replacement plans, and more. There are a lot of moving pieces related (directly and indirectly) to your business’s technology strategy. Probably more than you’ve sat down and fully mapped out. This is where Uniserve can alleviate you worry as well as your risk.


Hardware No Hassles

With Uniserve’s managed IT solutions, you get a large team with diverse skillsets all available to assist with your technology needs. Need support to overcome an outage, hardware failure, or cyber attack? Need upgrades to your hardware or network? Need assistance setting up servers, configuring backups and setting up a disaster recovery plan? We have specialists in all of those IT fields.

Your business is the expert in your field, constantly worrying about your IT takes away from your ability to properly manage your business and work towards your growth. We, as experts in our field, are able to eleviate that worry and help your focus on what you should be focusing on; your business.

How we can help

At Uniserve we don’t believe in a one solution fits all methodology.

We know and understand your business is unique and that you have unique challenges to overcome. We offer I.T. solutions to fit every business size and every business model. From managed hardware to managed services, internet and telephony, we have services to help your organization grow and succeed. Trusted as an industry leader for over 30 years, our mission is to bring you feature rich services at affordable prices bundled with the best customer service in the industry. While we have solutions that cover all possible scenarios, our team will work with you to customize a solution to fit your business.

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Our Customers are Raving Fans!

Switching to Uniserve’s business voice service helped to elevate our business as most of our sales staff and technicians are on the road most of the time. Instant communication is at the core of our business, as things are constantly changing. Their system allows us to be in constant communication with each other and allows our customers to call us on our office extensions which we can pick up on our mobile devices. No more missed calls – our customer service has never been stronger! Devin W., Obsidian Consulting

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