International Financial Institution

The Challenge:
One of the largest financial institutions in China decided to open its first bank branch in Canada. Timing, security, web and data access, as well as backup support, were critical.

The Uniserve Solution:
Uniserve Enterprise understood the importance of this initiative for the client and provided a complete turn-key solution for their network, their security, the server, and storage infrastructure, and based all of their work on best-practice design and compliance to regulations. It included the architectural design, procurement, project management, core infrastructure implementation, systems integration, and IT standardization, and established customer product training throughout. The requested task was completed on time and on budget and ongoing managed services have now begun. The result was a seamless integration of their network, bolstering their security and comfort in a new environment.

The Technology:
Pioneering IP Data Network Solution
Robust, resilient and expandable data network solution from the vendor with a reputation for innovation.

Next Generation Security Solution
Diversified NGFW solution with centralized management center to provide less complexity, high visibility and effective network segmentation.

High Availability Server and Storage Solution
Highly scalable and redundant server and storage architecture based on the tier 1 hardware and software solutions.

Flexible and Scalable Virtualization Solution
Adopted the solution from the leader in Type 1 hypervisors to provide flexible, scalable and fault tolerant ecosystem infrastructure.

Advanced Backup and Recovery Solution
Reliable and function-rich data protection solution for virtualization environment, offering many advantages to backup and recovery operations.

“At Uniserve our processes are based on Project Management. For an Enterprise, this means successful IT outcomes through carefully planned, managed, and executed projects with clear and proactive communication throughout.”
– Magical Lv, Senior Infrastructure Engineer