Whistler Boutique Resort

The Challenge:
Due to location, the client was subject to low-speed internet, a phone system that went down regularly and no network. They were also missing security cameras.

The Uniserve Solution:

  • Bonded Broadband which increased their internet speed and reliability.
  • phone and internet infrastructure solution to meet all of their communication needs.
  • 24/7 tier 2 customer support.
  • security cameras and surveillance.

The Technology:
Data Backup Solution
Using our unique Backup Platform, we provided them with a backup system that seamlessly combines local storage, cloud storage, data protection and collaborative capabilities in one package. This allowed their organization to ensure all-important information was backed up on all devices including desktop, servers, and mobile.

Managed Services for Business
We tailored a 24/7 managed service plan around their needs.

Bonded Broadband
Our custom bonded-broadband solution multiplied the speed and reliability of their internet services through the bonding of two or more carriers.

Security Solutions
Using High-Definition technology we provided complete image integrity throughout the hotel property.

“Traditionally, IT departments paint their companies in a corner that they cannot get out of. When IT becomes a problem—and it always does—it becomes a monster of a problem. Compare that to spending a little more monthly to take that worry away from their business, with an always-secure, updated, backed-up IT infrastructure.”
– Hashim Mitha President and COO