Windows Azure: A Game-Changer for Uniserve Clients

When Uniserve purchased BC-based managed service company Xanity Cloud Solutions, the acquisition included Xanity’s Microsoft Azure Private Pack. It was an important move for the future of the company—and for Uniserve’s clients.

At the time, Gurmeet Jutla, Uniserve VP of Technology, noted that “by having our own Microsoft Azure Pack, hosted on the west coast of Canada, companies will now have the ability to run their primary workload in a private cloud, while being able to augment spot resources in the public Azure cloud for the small durations required. This is very advantageous for businesses because the two clouds are very similar. Given the politics in the UK and issues around data sovereignty and security in the US, this makes eminent sense for the Canadian market.”

So, how will Windows Azure change the game for clients?

1. Privacy
Xanity’s Azure Pack is a private-hosted version of Microsoft Azure, so customer servers and data reside on a completely stand-alone platform. This is especially of interest to clients in the health care and legal fields, who can’t have any data stored outside of BC. In short, the only way you can guarantee privacy and security is by retaining full control of data at all times, and this move guarantees that.

2. Compatibility
It brings an entirely new product mix to the offering. With Azure, it’s a true cloud offering—unlike Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), which brings opportunity to architect and scale applications in the cloud. Uniserve can now support legacy applications on Azure, so software vendors that have only been able to deliver on premise can now be on the cloud.

3. Growth
Uniserve can custom-build to support new organizations and ensure that required resources are available. Uniserve can help customers leverage the cloud—so the company is now even better positioned with the tools and services that will help customers grow and operate their businesses, as well as set them up for future success.