Workspace-as-a-Service – Work from Anywhere on Any Device

What is Workspace as a Service?

As companies evolve to a hybrid work environment that includes in-office, work-from-home, and on the road staff, the need for a secure unified work environment is more important than ever. Providing staff the ability to work from anywhere on any device with the same experience as they would have working at their desk inside the office affords greater levels of productivity. 

Workspace-as-a-Service provides this experience by providing a remote platform for business staff/employees to log in and that they can work through which mirrors either a desktop environment or an apps environment. Your employees work on powerful hosted servers in a virtualized environment with the ability to access all the applications they use on a regular basis for their work.

You are supported in knowing the solution is fully secure, backed up, and that the business has complete control of their data makes this a win-win situation.

The Secure VPN Alternative

Until recently, the universal consensus on whether VPN is secure has been a resounding β€œyes”. Though, as attacks have become more complex and cyber threats have evolved, that answer has shifted among security and IT professionals.

VPN is essentially a tunnel, and with more sophisticated cyber threats, a misconfigured VPN can open a gateway for all devices to your network. Workspace-as-a-Service is secure, with not only 2 factor authentication and encryption as standard additions, but also provides full enterprise security and continuous backups. This means that your data is secure. Also, your data is 100% hosted in Canada.

What are the benefits?

  • A unified work environment for employees (desktop or apps view)
  • Work on any device anywhere
  • Enterprise security including 2 factor authentication, encryption, anti virus, anti ransomware, anti malware
  • Updates are managed on the system so the system is always updated and secure
  • Continuous backups of data
  • 100% hosted in Canada
  • Full support
  • Easy on/off boarding
  • Fixed predictable costs

Why is this a better solution for my business?

Azure, AWS, etc require large capital outlays to get up and running with the same services. It requires a full IT team to implement with licensing, back ups, and security all needing to be added separately which come at separate/additional cost.

Upgrading to more powerful devices every few years is expensive, with Workspace-as-a-Service, as the processing is done on powerful servers, the device connecting does not need to be powerful – this means more cost effective, less powerful devices are fine.

Fixed predictable monthly IT costs makes budgeting easier – there is no large capital outlay to get up and running. In fact, there is no initial capital outlay to get up and running.

How do I get started?

Contact a member of our knowledgeable sales team at or 1-800-688-1946